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Just met you at the Sunday Market in Portland, Oregon. Good on you, mate (a touch of Australia). Keep up the good hike! I am now watching. --Katie

E-Mail        2018-08-12 22:35:22

Guten Tag aus NCAR


Hello Martin! Keep up the good work! For the record, I could do without all this German, but as long as you bring beer back to Boulder, all will be good. Have a great and safe adventure!

E-Mail        2018-06-01 07:22:32

Alaska to Cabo

Chris Montano

Hi Martin! I met you at the Paradise Cafe. I enjoyed reading your diary entries and look forward to doing this hike vicariously through you. Try to post more pics on Instagram so everyone can see through your eyes! Good Luck to you!

Homepage    |   E-Mail        2018-05-26 04:11:08

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