Welcome to my Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) website!

I'm a PCT thru-hiker of class 2018 with the trailname "panther".

The PCT is the most exciting adventure I hiked so far. Watching bears, almost running over rattlesnakes, dealing with lack of water, dealing with overnight-frozen water, cursing the heat of the desert and plenty of other experiences made this the most amazing hiking trip of my life.

Please find plenty of information, pictures and in particular my diary on this website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

May 19th 2018: Beginning of the PCT hiking trip at the border to Mexico

August 29th 2018: End of my PCT at the border of Canada (alternate route due to wildfire)

My PCT Hike 2018

Information directly related to my hike:

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

General information about the PCT can be found here:
  • PCTA (external)
    Official website of the PCT association
  • Hiking maps
    Information on hiking maps
  • Equipment
    The equipment which I would (very biased on my own experience) recommend for the PCT

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