Hiking gear and other equipment

There are ultra-lightweight backpackers who try to safe every gram of weight, then there are lightweight backpackers who try to safe some weight and then there are hikers like me who don't care that much about how much they carry.

I don't think that thru-hiking the PCT depends on how lightweight your backpack is, but how strong someones will is.

The following list shows what I carried with me on the PCT including some more information on replacement parts.


  • Cerro Torre 65:85
    Manufacturer: Lowe Alpine, 2017


  • 1x pair of hiking shoes
    Manufacturer: Meindl
  • 1x pair of ssandals
    Manufacturer: Ecco
  • 1x pair of replacement hiking shoes
    Manufacturer: Oboz


  • 1x tent (Power Lizard UL)
    Manufacturer: Vaude
    Comment: It's for sure a great tent, but for the PCT I'd recommend a self-standing tent and also one where you can take of the fly
  • 1x Sleeping bag
    Comment: Safe up to -20 degree Celsius
  • 1x smart pillow
    Manufacturer: Handmade
    Comments: Bag of sleeping bag and longsleeve


  • 3x merinowhool T-Shirts
    Manufacturer: Smartwhool
    Comment: I think that 2 would have been enough from the beginning on. I sent one back home after more than half the hiking trip
  • 1x short zipper trousers
    Manufacturer: Maul
    Comment: One of the cheapest trousers. I planned to buy a new one but got access to sewing machines on the way.
  • 1x lightweight long trouser for evening and night
    Comment: I swapped my hiking trousers with this one in the evening to keep my sleeping bag a little big cleaner and to have one trouser to go out in towns in the evening
  • 2x underwear
    Comment: One is enough for other hikers, but I prefer to wash the one or the other one sometimes ;-)
  • 1x rain jacket
    Comment: It hardly rains on the PCT, so a cheap one is good enough
  • 1x longsleeve hoodie    
    Comment: For the cold days and nights. In combination with the rain jacket, this is the replacement for a thick jacket.


  • 1x compass
  • Set of Halfmile's hiking maps
    Comment: I split up all hiking maps into 5 blocks and sent them to me via USPS

Technical equipment

  • 1x headlamp + replacement battieries
  • 1x GPS emergency beacon (DeLorme)
    Comment: I cannot recommend this device due to  malfunctioning by not sending out any GPS positions due to a hard- or software error
  • 1x phone, loading station
  • 1x solar panels
    Manufacturer: Blitzwolf
  • 1x Battery
    Manufacturer: Anker
    Comment: Sufficient for about 3 loads of my phone, during the day connected to the solar panels
  • Box with useful stuff
    Comments: Sewing kit, documents, etc.

Eating and drinking

  • 1x drinking blister (3 liters)
    Comment: Replaced later on by 2.5 liter one because of small leakage (my old one was over 10 years old)
  • 2x plastic bottles (1 liter each)
    Comment: In the dry area sometimes it's necessary to carry more water with you
  • 1x ultralight pot
  • 1x Gas stove
  • 1x water filter
    Comment: I used "MSR Trailshot" (140g) at the beginning which turned out to be a nightmare. Later on I replaced it with Katadyn's befree 3 liter gravity water filter. Don't forget to buy new filter cartridges every few weeks!
  • 1x Bearcanister Bearvault BV500 (1162g)

Health and hygiene

  • 1x first aid kit with small pharmacy in it
  • 1x Toothbrush and -paste
  • 1x soap
  • 1x trowel
    Comment: to create toilets everywhere in the nature